Course Work

Here you’ll find some samples of work and research I have done for courses and outside activities throughout my undergrad

COM 584 | HealthiestYou Brand Awareness Campaign Plan Book

COM 470 Secularization at the University of Tampa

Lit Review

Green Deck (this is from 22 Squared’s Advertising Competition I competed in, Mobolize)

PSC 100 Final Essays

SOC 100 Alcohol and Gender

White Man’s Burden Review

Post American World Review

SOC Extra Credit Assignment

21st Century Relationships

Blake Lively & an Analysis on Hollywood

Com 232 Self Image Essay

Dora the Explorer Mass Media

Greek vs Roman Mythology

Gucci Not So Gucci After All

Hemingway and the 2015 Relationship

North Dakota Pipeline

Planned Parenthood Ethics Paper

Raymond Carver Source Integration Essay