Creative Mind and Communications Specialist.

It all started with a passion.

A passion for creativity, conversation and exploration led me to The University of Tampa where I put my skills to work for four incredible years.

I became a leader and an advocate for my major (Advertising and Public Relations) both in the classroom and the Tampa Bay community. I founded my university’s first chapter of PRSSA, and then expanded further into professional communication through various internships.

I began giving back to my university, not only through my leadership efforts in PRSSA and Athletic Marketing, but also through the active application of my knowledge and skills in UT’s Office of Public Information.

I created our university’s first Snapchat account and grew our average viewership to over 2K in just one semester.

During this time, I discovered a new love for developing content and strategy. I loved it so much that, with a little luck, I found myself creating wedding blogs for a prominent wedding planner in Tampa Bay. I very quickly uncovered the importance of SEO and the power behind a good website.

This experience then led me to an internship in Boston during summer break.

This particular internship was for a millennial-targeted real estate company. It was here that I continued my deep dive into content creation.

I also built my social media skills, and began curating posts that tailored to the company’s clientele. This internship taught me how to target a niche audience online, and also quite a bit about the real estate market.

My studies continued, and there was never a dull moment. I took chances, and continuously looked for adventure. I participated in an advertising competition in Downtown Tampa, benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. The competition opened my eyes to how communication work can help not only businesses, but people too.

Looking back, one of the most enriching undergraduate experiences I had was interning for the world’s leader in rental housing.

I was selected as the first corporate communications intern for the company. After my acceptance, I was flown to Dallas for an Intern Orientation. I met students from all over the U.S. with completely different majors.

I found myself expanding my horizons and doing tasks like interviewing the CEO and Chairman of the company on camera, and then later using that footage as content on the company’s global portal. I remember my boss at the time used to say, I always hit the ground running — a motto that I still strive to live by.

This was by far the most extensive internship I had, as I was involved in all aspects of communication. I learned just about everything regarding internal, external and crisis communications — and believe me I had my hands deep in each.

I discovered a new love for corporate communications. I created content for the company portal, and led the internship program on Yammer. I drafted press releases and learned Cision. I diffused crises and implemented an online program to streamline crisis training for on-property team members.

From there, I took a break from property management and dove right into customer service.

I started an internship at the HQ for Bloomin’ Brands Inc. ® — the masterminds behind Outback Steakhouse®, Carrabbba’s Italian Grill®, Bonefish Grill®, and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse®.

Here, I worked alongside the Gift Card Team. Gift cards in this industry accounted for a large percentage of sales, especially during the holiday season. I quickly learned the value of customer satisfaction and guest recovery. I also discovered the importance of reviews on social media, and the steps needed to appease dissatisfied customers.

And now flash forward to graduation.

I made my way back to real estate and content development, and joined an agency specializing in luxury real estate. I worked on blogs, newsletters, e-blasts and other copy for marketing materials like print ads and digital banners.

I developed social content for 10+ clients through an online social management tool, and learned volumes on improving my SEO skills and writing. My time here really taught me how to hone in to a specific audience, one that I may not be comfortable with, and write to them in a way that feels natural and demands their attention.

…. and then I felt like making a change, taking another adventure.

Just diving right into the deep end. I accepted what felt like my dream job in Boston. I felt like my life went full-circle and landed me right back where I was born and raised, except only this time I was coming back full-handed with my boyfriend and our pets.

I entered my new role as Communications Coordinator for two dual-branded hotels, managed by one of the world’s largest hospitality leaders. It took some time at first to familiarize myself with a position in such a new space, but both hotel brands and their teams made it worth every second.

I was doing exactly what I loved, with a team that felt like family. My role was far more hands-on and self-directed. I solely came up with ideas, strategy and events. I was responsible for brand messaging, reputation management, and social media — as well as orchestrating promotions and events that engaged the outside community.

Just when things were starting to get good…

A pandemic struck. My commute into the city slowly became very post-apocalyptic and a certain uncertainty filled the city like a dark fog. Occupancy began to dwindle, shops closed, restaurants followed and even airlines emptied out. It’s been a whirlwind of a year for sure… but that’s life, and here I am waiting again to hit the ground running.