Transform Your Closest Sized Space to an Urban Sized Palace

Google “how to make a small space look bigger”- and you’ll find hundreds of DIY projects and advice columns. Instead of sorting through and sifting through the best and worst ideas- we have done the research for you. Just continue reading for the 11 best ways to transform your tiny city apartment into a space that could fit a suburban family of 4. Because who said your city home’s size had to be limited by its sq. footage? 

1. Something unique and sure to produce “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” from your visitors is painting/adding wallpaper to the ceiling. This effect is subtle but stunning, and gains its magic by drawing the eye upward, creating an illusion of high ceilings or a taller room. Pair your tastefully designed ceiling with light colors on both the walls and floors as to not overwhelm the eye.

Photo Courtesy of  The Heathered Nest

Photo Courtesy of  Lonny

2. Another simple trick to make a room seem larger is to heighten furniture with the use of exposed legs. Then try pulling the furniture away from the wall to create a feeling of openness.

Photo Courtesy of  House Beautiful

Photo Courtesy of  Belfort Furniture

3. Hanging shelves brilliantly transform a space- try installing the hanging shelves up high towards the ceiling, to again produce that “taller room” effect.

Photo Courtesy of Puxe a caderia e sente

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

4. Don’t overlook easy tricks. Make items in the room multi-functional, and don’t be shy of furniture that offers hidden storage.

Photo Courtesy of  Joss & Main

5. Don’t clutter a room with small decorations; use a few large ones the size of a cantaloupe or bigger to space out your place.

Photo Courtesy of  New Home Finder

Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Chaos

6. Color coding your shelves does not only look great on Pinterest, but it will also look fabulous in your newly re-decorated space.

Photo Courtesy of  Not Just a House Wife 

Photo Courtesy of Glitter Guide

7. Tiny bathroom? Use a clear shower curtain to add depth to the room.

Photo Courtesy of Father Rabbit

8. Light is your friend- leave your windows uncovered to add more depth perception.

Photo Courtesy of Green House Fabrics

Photo Courtesy of Musely

9. Again don’t black out your place, buy glass items to bounce light and add to the illusion that your place is much bigger than the apartment in Boston that it truly is.

Photo Courtesy of Red

Photo Courtesy of Domino

Photo Courtesy of  Glitter Guide

10. The only time it’s okay to be shady is when you’re pairing different shades of the same color into your design theme. By using multiple shades of one color you create a unity that opens up the room.

Photo Courtesy of Bazaar

Photo Courtesy of  Buzzfeed

Photo Courtesy of  For Creative Juice

11. Mirror, mirror on the wall- yes! On the wall! Mirrors on the wall create the illusion of more space by acting as faux windows.

Photo Courtesy of HGTV


Photo Courtesy of  Adam Robinson Design


Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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