Where to Escape from the City, Without Actually Leaving

Waited for the Red Line one too many times during your rush hour commute home? Feel like the summer heat is getting under your skin and firing up your last nerve? We have exactly what you need to escape the rush of the city and have paired the perfect places (within city limits and just outside of) that will help you winddown and feel like you’re not even there at all.

  1. Sailing on the Charles

When looking for somewhere picturesque and relaxing look no further than the Charles itself. The Charles River is the perfect water landmark getaway. The Charles offers an array of water activities that can help you cool down during the warm summer months. Sailing must be one of the best highlights offered on the river. With classes and rentals offered daily, your daycation at sea is only a T stop away.


Photo Courtesy of National Geographic

  1. Manchester by the Sea

30 miles away from the city lies a scenic North Shore town called Manchester-by-the-Sea. The small town is known for its beautiful beaches and the movie named and staged after the town itself. This town may be a little bit of a hike-but is worth a short trip out of the city. Unwind by the sea and breathe in the salty air for a blissful day trip and still manage to make the trek home to your apartment just in time for dinner.


Photo Courtesy of Manchester-By-The-Sea

  1. Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is an arboretum located in the Jamaica Plain and Roslindale sections of the city. It offers beautiful scenery during its breathtaking blooming season that runs into early June. There’s no better time to take a stroll through the park other than the season right now. The Cherry Blossom trees are magical and with all the nature and greenery you’ll forget that you’re in the city in the first place. The park is also not as typical as the Commons or Public Garden so it offers a unique serenity found nowhere else.


Photo Courtesy of Focus on Flowers

flowers    Photo Courtesy of Sky Dancing


  1. Blue Hills

Up for a scenic skyline hike? What seems to lie on the outskirts of the city is the Blue Hills Reservation. This reservation is one of the largest of undeveloped conservation within the metropolitan area. The park’s varied terrain and breathtaking views make it a popular destination for hikers from the Boston area. Aside from multiple trails ranging in hiking levels also sits a pond that’s refreshing after a long hike.

ills 2

Photo Courtesy of Boston University Outing Club


Photo Courtesy of Mass Great Outdoors Blog

  1. Castle Island

Castle Island is the perfect getaway within the city, although popular amongst native Bostonians it still is a great spot within the city. Bring your bike over for the day, a fishing pole, and a bathing suit. Roll your towel out along the sandy beach at Pleasure Bay and lay out under the sun with a good summer read. Don’t forget to look up to watch as the planes come in over the harbor. Tour the island and relive some of history as Castle Island has been the site of a fortification since 1634.


Photo Courtesy of South Boston Today

castle 2

Photo Courtesy of Wicked Cheap Boston


-Written by Emilie Sears for Vibe Residential

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