How to Transform Your Office Outfit into GNO Ready

Got out of your meeting 30 minutes too late to open your phone to 10 new messages from the group-chat. Half priced margaritas at Mija’s has already started and you’re still in your bland outfit from work. No time to go back to your apartment to change-what do you do? Don’t fret just follow these simple tips and tricks on how to quickly transform your office outfit into GNO ready.

  1. Ditch the blazer

Think big picture. You’re already dressed fabulous for work in your new spring wardrobe. Now just dress it down. Less is always more. Ditch the blazer for a more casual feel. Naked shoulders may be a no-no for work, but what better time to reveal them other than drinks at the bar during the summer season. These two pieces could easily be mistaken for fashion forward office dress if they were pieced with a blazer-but are absolutely stunning dressed down without the jacket.

Office outfit into gno

Photo Courtesy of WebInspo


Photo Courtesy of Popular Ladies

  1. Add a bag

Details. Details. Details. Sometimes all that lacks from a good outfit is an accessory. Trade out your purse in the morning on your way to work. Mixing it up will not only get you excited for later in the day, but it adds a glamorous accent piece to what might be a dull colorless outfit.


 Photo Courtesy of Southern Curls and Pearls


  1. Add some heels

This might be the biggest trick of the trade. Bring a pair of heels from your closet and stash them in your bag for a quick and easy change after you clock out for the day. Not only will a good pair of heels add some flare to your outfit, but the back-up flats may come in handy on your stumble home at 2am.


Photo Courtesy of Stylish Wife 


Photo Courtesy of Shop Priceless

  1. Pop of Color

Whether it’s a pop of color in your pants, shoes, or blouse-bring that color into your outfit to spice things up. Not only will it wow everyone in the office, it will wow everyone at happy hour too.


Photo Courtesy of Marie’s Bazaar


Photo Courtesy of Modern Glam Life

  1. Statement Necklace

Again, it’s the little things that matter. Even a beautiful statement necklace is an easy add-on that you can store in your purse. Give your night out some sparkle with these last-minute accessories and watch as you shine all night.


Photo Courtesy of Glam Radar


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

  1. Jeans to Go

Some nights out you really need a pair of jeans and for that reason this is our favorite tip of the day. You may not be able to just add a necklace or change into an extra pair of shoes; so just roll up a pair of jeans that can easily be stashed for your night out. The blazer you wore still comes in handy to dress up your outfit, and by the time you make it to the bar you’ll look like you just stepped right off Pinterest.

Office outfit into gno

Photo Courtesy of Women’s Imaginary



written by Emilie Sears for Vibe Residential

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