Samsung Not Just Explosive Phones, But Explosive New Market Ideas


Light at the End of the Tunnel for Samsung and Their Explosive Cellphones

Emilie Sears

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey- Tired of anticipating an explosion in your pants? Have no fear, Samsung has finally gotten on the right track to fixing their life-threatening devices. Within the next few weeks, Samsung will replace all defective Galaxy Note 7 devices for free. Yes, you heard it right-for free.

After careful review of the 35 globally reported accounts of malfunctions in faulty devices, Samsung has taken initiative to go out and solve the problem. Samsung has collaborated and worked closely with manufacturers and distributors worldwide to ensure no more explosive phones are released to the public. With extensive research, the problem to blame for all the travel-bans on Galaxy Note 7 has been denoted as the battery within the device. Samsung has promised to satisfy their customers and ensure safety by giving a free and easy exchange for all troublesome devices if you are in current possession of a Galaxy Note 7.  Samsung has also halted sales of the faulty device.

Do not give up on Samsung just yet. From outside perspective, one could see why you may want duck and cover from these exploding cell phones. However, everyone makes mistakes. And Samsung has prioritized their customers and safety throughout this fallout crisis. They have taken the slam of losing billions in sales and market value, but nevertheless they remain rooted to their customers and their customer’s trust. If anything, this shows the true character behind their brand name. Consider the crisis from an alternative perspective. The CEO could have hidden the reports of the faulty devices, and distorted the public’s perception of what was going on with their products. But, Samsung did not take this road. Instead they took a higher rode that consisted of informing the public and offering a proactive solution to their mistakes.

Truth be told, most customers are unphased by the catastrophe with the Galaxy Note 7, and are more than excited for the Galaxy S8 release date. Sixty-three percent of current Samsung phone owners said that the Note 7 recall “had no impact on their likelihood to purchase a Samsung phone in the future.” Even more, only fourteen percent of the Samsung phone owners that responded to the same survey said they even had safety concerns about the upcoming Galaxy S8. That’s a small percent.

And of those who owned a Galaxy Note 7 before the recall, “forty-six percent said that the incident wouldn’t change their smartphone purchasing decision at all”, while “fifty-two percent don’t believe that the incident even had an impact on Samsung’s reputation.”

Samsung has apologized profusely for their exploding devices and has promised, as well as proven to show that they will “do everything they can to get back in the good graces of their fans.”

So, don’t go and switch to an iPhone just yet. Keep faith in an honest and proactive brand that strives to provide the best and innovative technology to their customers. With the new release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung tech-savvy customers are already excited. With a redesigned phone, better camera and battery capability, as well as new wow-factor features such as Bixby, a new multilingual AI assistant-there’s no doubt that Samsung will still remain as the leader in innovative cell phone design and service.

-This was a piece written by me for an assignment in COM 225 Media Writing-

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