Bridal Fashion Week 2016

October 2016

Fall is in the air, and what else do we associate fall with aside from pumpkins, turkeys and Thanksgiving? Bridal Fashion Week of course! And we could not be any more thankful for this year’s new trends. Bridal Fashion Week was a huge success this year bringing in new styles for the fashion forward 2017 bride. Last season’s bold floral designs continued to ‘stay in bloom’ for another consecutive year. This year’s fashion show let go of any preexisting restrictions. Gowns featuring plunging necklines, off-the-shoulder, cut-outs, and high-low details became commonplace for both minimal and decadent featured gowns. The designers did not just stop with these elusively structured gowns; they added new trends such as: bows, the incorporation of pantone colors, long sleeves, pants, and aesthetically appealing toppers.  Check out what we think made the cut for the best of 2016 Bridal Fashion Week.

Here are the trends for the 2017 brides


Who says bows are only cute on presents? Look at these absolutely stunning designs; simple yet just enough to bring your appearance to the top.


Peter Langer design | Photo Courtesy of



Oscar de la Renta design | Photo Courtesy of Luca Tombolini |

 Pantone Colors

White dresses are a thing of the past, or so say these new trendy designs that incorporate the use of pantone colors. The subtle hues of light pink and blue are a great way to make your gown pop, and make any bride unique.


 Legends by Romana Keveza design | Photo Courtesy of


 Jenny Packham design| Photo Courtesy of


 Hayley Paige design| Photo Courtesy of


Nothing screams strong and independent like a pant-suit. Look flawless, original, and powerful in these gorgeous designs; you will be sure to really show everyone who wears the ‘pants’ in the relationship.


Ellie Saab design |Photo Courtesy of


Lela Rose design | Photo Courtesy of

Plunging Necklines

 Feeling a little less conservative and a little bit bolder? These gowns offer a plunging neckline that definitely is on trend for the new year. The necklines on these gowns will stop any show; while also giving an aesthetic boost to any sophisticated fashion orientated bride.


Sachin & Babi design | Photo Courtesy of


Galia Lahav design | Photo Courtesy of


Plunging necklines were not the only trend that strayed from the old conservative bride ideal. These drop-dead-gorgeous gowns use the design of cut-outs to make an entirely new look. Baring a little skin in these beauties is perfect for any tropical destination wedding; making it easy to withstand the heat while simultaneously looking flawless.


Ines Di Santo design | Photo Courtesy of


Lela Rose design| Photo Courtesy of


This year’s bridal fashion week was all about being bold. These high-low designs kept us on our toes as these models strutted the runway in these beautiful gowns. The high-low design is sure to make any bride feel one-of-a-kind. And the best part of this design is of course you get to finally flaunt your shoes. Feel free to leave your guests speechless as you strut down the aisle in one of these two gowns.


Ines Di Santo design | Photo Courtesy of


Rita Vinieries design | Photo Courtesy of

Bold Florals

Still in bloom, these 3D florals from last year are not going anywhere. The floral prints are still on trend and are an artistic addition to any gown. No other bride will be able to compare when you showcase yourself in one of these gowns.


Mira Zwilinger design | Photo Courtesy of


Isabelle Armstrong design | Photo Courtesy of


And to top it all off; these toppers definitely make the cut for the best of Bridal Fashion Week 2016. Almost like a blast from the past these intricate toppers create a tasteful add-on to any high-fashion gown. Your guests will ravish over this trendy look, and this design is sure to make your big-day attire all the more memorable.


Naeem Khan design| Photo Courtesy of


Oscar de la Renta design | Photo Courtesy of

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