Advertising & Public Relations Undergrad | University of Tampa

I have dabbled here and there in just about everything. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself. My primary interests and academic pursuits include people and how simple day-to-day interactions and communication with one another mold the market we live in today. I’m continuously looking to find more hands-on involvement that will continue to grow my education outside of the classroom-and this search has led me down many different paths, such as: content development, advertising, marketing, and real estate. I love what I study, and I am blessed for every opportunity I have been presented with so far through my undergraduate years.


I’m a junior in college at the University of Tampa.  I’m a writer and I’m a talker. I’m creative and a people pleaser. People are my passion. I have opened so many opportunities for myself just by talking to people and reaching out; you’d be surprised at how nice people really are. Connecting with others is so instrumental to your own personal success, as well as your business or brand. This mindset has really set me up for the work I have done so far throughout my college career. This same mindset continues to push me to open new doors for myself, and thank those who help me open them. Some work I have dabbled in includes:

  • Marketing my school’s magazine, the Minaret
  • Marketing on/off campus for my school’s D2 athletic teams
  • Started and ran my school’s very first Snapchat account for the university’s department of publications. The account was geared towards prospective and current students (from the time I started to the end of my semester internship I grew an audience from 0 viewers to over 2K)
  • Blogged for an amazing wedding planner in Tampa Bay
  • Founded and now currently run a new nationwide chapter of PRSSA at UT
  • Develop media content and assist as an admin for Vibe Residential, a millennial inspired business located in Boston

Although, I’m sure you already read all that in my LinkedIn– so some fun facts about me:

  • I am a firm supporter and devotee in the art of ‘mockin,’ or for those uneducated in the art: ham-mocking
  • I like long walks on the beach, and dogs-any kinds of dogs, I don’t discriminate
  • I’m 20 going on 30 and the perfect night out sometimes is just staying in
  • I nanny a lot and often mistaken as a mother of three at the local playground
  • In the process of getting my real estate license because I find an interest in something new everyday

Read my full resume here: Updated Resume


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Content I’ve Written

This blog is dedicated to showcasing pieces I’ve written for different companies. Consider it as a portfolio review if you will. All works are lighthearted and fun reads-nothing too serious, but nonetheless all were enjoyable to write. More to come, hope you enjoy them!

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